Isabelle Thomas discussing impact of data science to quantitative geography and need for redifining meanings of models and theory #ECTQG2019 #Keynote @dtu_dhh #spiralout

Current weather in France and the public discourse on climate change reminds me of a very good and classic sci-fi (for that time). Must watch today

16. Libraries remain the only place where you can spend hours in a publicly-accessible building without being expected to spend money. Parents come to entertain their children for free on wet days. People in poverty come for a warm place to sit. Libraries are a haven.

Call for papers. European Colloquium on Theoretical and Quantitative Geography in Luxembourg. S08. SPATIAL COMPUTATION IN ARCHEOLOGY AND HISTORY. #ECTQG2019

Another article hinting towards the importance of history: Includes lovely techgeeky definition of culture: "the operating system" for society. Makes it pretty clear, doesn't it?

C²DH Visiting Researcher Fellowships 2019

The institute #santafe #institute @ Santa Fe Institute

The Economist starts publishing data and code behind articles. #JupyterNotebooksInTheWild

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