Kaarel Sikk


This page is created to provide a permanent platform for introducing and referencing professional information about Kaarel Sikk (me) and publishing thoughts and writings in a blog format. It also includes keeping text I write for my own clarity, so it is kind of a public shelf without real expectation for anybody reading it, but a reference point to certain thoughts which I might link to at times.

In general, I embark on adventures in research with a primary curiosity to explore our society and history from a "cybernetic" point of view. I am mostly interested in the geography of social-ecological systems and more generally spatiality of natural information processing. I use complexity science tools, quantitative geography, and just enough imagination to do so.

To achieve this, I work mostly with environmental, archaeological, and historical data, aiming to unravel the intricacies of space-dependent information systems observable within long-term human processes. On this platform, I share my ideas, experiences, and reflections as I venture through this realm.

Occasionally, I might share some computer code, personal notes on travel, art, and observations of the world as we currently witness history on steroids on a biblical scale during the running roaring 20s. Gaining a long-term and more distant perspective is essential to make sense of it all.


Keywords: First-principles thinking, spatial dependencies of complex systems, information processes, settlement patterns, Stone Age, Medieval Inquisition.

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