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Installation of ARK 1.0 on Ubuntu

ARK the Archaeological Recording Kit( has come to 1.0 release. It’s web page has instructions for installing it for Windows and Mac but not yet for Linux. So here is log of my install procedure on Ubuntu 11.04.

1. Dependencies

MySql, Apache2, PHP5 and PEAR LiveUser are required

$ sudo apt-get install mysql-server apache2 php5 php5-gd php5-mysql php-pear php5-mapscript

Install pear Liveuser

$ sudo pear install "channel://"
$ sudo pear install MDB2
$ sudo pear install "channel://"
$ sudo pear install MDB2_Driver_mysql
$ sudo pear install Log

PHP Mapscript

2. Download ARK at or directlink:

Extract downloaded file in a directory, I am installing Ark, on my user directory so I put it in /home/user/public_html/ark.

3. Create MySQL database.

In this case database is named “ark” and I add a user “ark” with full access to database. The password in given example is “arkuser”. Also you must import default dataset. The minimal one is in ark directory ark.sql.

You can do this with phpmyadmin, if installed or on mysql commandline

$ mysql -u root -p

CREATE USER 'ark'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'arkuser';

GRANT USAGE ON * . * TO 'ark'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'arkuser' ;


GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `ark` . * TO 'ark'@'%';
\i /home/user/public_html/ark/ark.sql

4. Set up configuration.

Edit file /home/user/public_html/ark/config/env_settings.php

change $server to:


Go to section case “linux”: and edit

// The document root of this virtual host (as set up in your apache conf)
$doc_root = '/home/user/public_html/ark/';
// The path to the PEAR installation (unix has : first) - PEAR is installed so leave it empty
$pear_path = '';
// The server path to the ark directory
$ark_server_path = '/home/user/public_html/ark/';
// The folder name of THIS instance of Ark (relative to the document root of the host in which it is hosted)
$ark_dir = '/~user/ark/';
// The mysql db name of this instance of ark
$ark_db = 'ark';
// The mysqlserver
$sql_server = 'localhost';
// The mysql user who will make all the db calls
$sql_user = 'ark';
// The mysql user's password
$sql_pwd = 'arkuser';

5. Test it.
Point your browser to http://localhost/~user/ark/
If everything is ok you should be able to log in with default username:

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